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Hello! My name is Willis 'Willie' Dysart. Since the age of 16 years or so I have been known as 'Willie the Wizard'. This name was given to me because of my unusal ability with numbers.

At this site I will post a photo album of my exploits as a showman--this all took place during the course of my life in the USA. I was born in 1924, in the state of Georgia, so this includes many decades.

My site is under construction and it will updated from time to time.

Please, feel free to contact me at my Comment Tool below. Be patient with me, I'm not as fast on my feet as I use to be. Your e-mail will be responded to.

Thank you for visiting my site!

Willie the Wizard


Excerpt about 'Willie the Wizard' from the book: "Stange People"

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Willis Dysart- The Math Wizard
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